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Article: Mastering the Clear Bag Policy: Pro Tips for Hassle-Free Event Entry

Clear Bag Policy at the University of Texas football stadium and the Moody Center

Mastering the Clear Bag Policy: Pro Tips for Hassle-Free Event Entry

Navigating the clear bag policy at events can be a bit tricky. However, with a few pro tips, you can ensure a smooth entry and enjoy your event without any hiccups. Here's how to stay within most guidelines and avoid common pitfalls:

1.  Check the bag policy of the event you’re attending. 

Always check to see whether there is a clear bag policy. Bag policies can change over time at venues, so even if you have attended an event at a particular stadium or other venue, it’s always a good idea to find out what the policy is. The bag policy can generally be found on the website of the venue or on the ticket or in the email confirmation of the ticket. 

2.  Stick to the Size Limit

    The first rule of thumb when deciding whether you need to wear a clear bag for an event is to stay within the size limit. If you're unsure about the size limits for a specific event, the NFL rule is a safe bet to follow. The NFL clear bag policy is widely accepted and serves as the gold standard for most events. 

    (A pictorial reference of the NFL Clear Bag Policy, subject to change)

    And an extra hint on game day: If you are wearing a bag such as our small studded clear bag as a fanny pack around your waist, make sure you are NOT wearing the bag when you are going through security. Hold it in your hand like a purse. And, did you know that we sell short straps that can be worn as fanny packs? We custom make them in the USA right here in Austin, Texas, and, when paired with the small studded clear bag that we sell, the strap and purse fits waist sizes XXS to L. Shop here:


     (The Lexington Signature Clear Studded Bag worn as a fanny pack strap with the Royal Blue Fanny Pack Strap)

    3.  Avoid Non-Clear Embellishments

    While it might be tempting to add a personal touch to your clear bag with non-clear embellishments, it's best to avoid them. These could potentially obscure the view of the bag's contents and lead to rejection at the security check. Please note that small embellishments such as the studs on our bags are completely stadium-approved. Larger embellishments such as brand stickers and solid, multicolored panels could cause issues in the security line.

    4.  Steer Clear of Tinted & Iridescent Bags

    Tinted and iridescent clear bags may seem like a stylish alternative, but they're generally NOT accepted under most clear bag policies. Even though they're see-through, the color or holographic effect can interfere with the visibility of the bag's contents.

     (Examples of bags that are generally not accepted under most clear bag policies)


    5.  Be Mindful of Interior Items

    The clear bag policy also extends to the items inside your bag. An interior bag, coin purse, or wallet that doesn't meet the size requirements can lead to issues at security. Stick to the rule of the non-clear purse item, which usually allows one 5x7 item or envelope. Small, flat credit card wallets are usually okay.

    6.  Prohibited Items

    Remember, the clear bag policy is all about security. Avoid carrying prohibited items inside your bag, such as large bags within the clear purse or interior purse liners. 

    7.  When in Doubt, Follow the Most Restrictive Policy

    If you're attending an event with unclear or multiple bag policies, it's safest to follow the most restrictive policy. Carry a small-sized clear purse where security personnel can easily see the contents as you pass through security screening.

    By following these tips, you can ensure a hassle-free entry at your next event. Remember, the clear bag policy is there to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. Happy event-going!

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