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Our Story


Hi y’all!

Welcome to Skyler Blue! My name is Skyler Stephens Messina. We sell unique gameday purses and accessories and luxury silk scarves that suit the quickly changing landscape of attending sporting events and concerts.

About Skyler:

I was born and raised in Texas, where football is KING. I grew up in Houston and Richmond, Texas, and then went to the University of Texas at Austin, where I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Plan II and a law degree from Texas a few years later.

For years my husband and I have hosted a football tailgate, so when the clear bag policy was implemented, I immediately started hunting for the right bag. 

I ended up buying dozens of bags. Over half of them arrived looking NOTHING like the product photos online, sad, limp, and misshapen. Others had sharp edges that would catch on everything. One box-style purse arrived in pieces. 

And that’s where the Skyler Blue journey began.

I decided to begin bringing these purses to our tailgates and had my friends critique them. Anyone was welcome to take one from the “clear purse bin” if they forgot their bag. After a bit, I started styling the best reviewed bags with tassels & vintage high-end scarves. 

In a leap of faith, at the end of 2019 I decided to work on Skyler Blue full-time…and then the pandemic hit. At first, I was devastated, and I thought, no one will ever go to stadium events again! But, we made lemonade out of lemons; and I was blessed with a lot of time in which to design the best possible products.

For every scarf design goes countless hours of research into the culture surrounding the particular team or school.  They are not just simply fan art, but many contain elements that reflect things like the architecture, or maps of the tailgates. The drawing, design, color’s all in the details at SB.

Why the name “Skyler Blue”?

When I was a baby, my mom used to sing “Skyler Sue, I love you, eyes so blue” (even though my middle name isn’t Sue) when she was rocking me to sleep. After I learned to speak, I would walk around the house saying “Skyler Sue, I’s so blue” thinking she meant I was literally blue. To this day, my mom and I are very close and I felt naming the company SKYLER BLUE was a meaningful way to show my love for her.

Thank you all so much for your friendship and support! Together, let’s all be Gameday Gorgeous!

P.S. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @MySkylerBlue and remember to tag us!



 (Red Sox @ Dodgers World Series Game 7 with the first mockup of a Skyler Blue Bag)